Beyond the Bucket: Three Must-Have Attachments for Your Compact Tractor

Apr 25, 2023
Managing a large property can be a full-time job; outfitting your compact tractor with the right attachments can help. More and more, people are working remotely and trading in urban lifestyles for country living. Once you migrate out to the country, whether you own two acres or twenty, a compact tractor is likely one of your first investments. While the purchase of a tractor signifies that you have “arrived” in the country living scene, it’s the attachments that prove your expertise. Here are three attachments that every large property owner should consider to maximize your compact tractor investment and your time:

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1. Quick Hitch - Simply put, a quick hitch is a must-have on every compact or sub-compact tractor. A quick hitch is a tool that attaches to the tractor’s three-point hitch and allows quick connecting and disconnecting of three-point implements. Quick hitches are great time savers, especially for non-powered tools. 

Maintenance: A quick hitch, once attached to the tractor, doesn’t need to come off but should be maintained with a quality spray lubricant*. 

2. Claw Grapple - A claw grapple adds versatility to your compact tractor. A grapple is a unique attachment that replaces the bucket on the loader arms that is made possible for use by installing a 3rd function valve. The claw grapple consists of tines that are arranged side by side without a solid bottom. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, operated by the 3rd function valve, giving the operator the ability to grasp, raise and rotate the grapple in one fluid motion. With open spaces between tines, operators can pick brush and debris while allowing dirt or gravel to be sifted. They are used across a wide variety of applications from landscaping and farming to construction and logging. A claw grapple is well suited for lifting awkward items including irregular shapes, small logs, brush or debris. They help make jobs simpler and less time consuming.

Maintenance: A grapple will have pivot points that will require regular maintenance and a grapple should never be used unless the tractor has proper ballast weight*. 

3. Grading Scraper - A grading scraper is a must-have for anyone who maintains gravel lanes or lots, which is common out in the country. Its uncomplicated operation means that if you can drive a tractor, you can maintain your gravel lane. Much simpler to use than a box blade, grading scrapers quickly restore the crown and finish of almost any potholed or wash boarded road. The operation is easy: simply grade up one side and down the other several times and you’ll have a professional finish. A few models also include rear-facing blades for shaving off small saplings or backfilling large potholes. 

Maintenance: Grading scrapers, while a near-perfect tool for gravel road maintenance, will require monitoring of the shanks, blades and skid shoes — each should be replaced when worn*. 

There are many compact tractor implements available for a wide range of uses, however these three will maximize your investment and provide a residential operator with a multitude of solutions to manage and maintain your property. Kubota always recommends reviewing the operator’s manual for any new piece of equipment you purchase. 

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